Steven Begleighter portrait

Steven Begleiter,  will be performing Jazz saxophone, a tribute to Monk and Strayhorn, along with Dave Robertson on Djembe @ 8PM on Friday, Aug 16th in the new parking garage on front street, way down in the echos of the lowest level.


Why fringe?

I saw my first fringe performance about 15 years ago in Philadelphia and thought to myself ” now this is living art.” I continued to go to the Fringe Festival in Philly till I moved to Missoula in 06. It was one the events I really missed when I moved here. So now that Missoula has a Fringe Festival I no longer have the yearning.

What does fringe mean to you?

Original, surprising, funny, provoking and lasting experiences.

How would you describe the fringe festival to people who might be confused?

It’s Artists gone wild….a creative bump in the long road for those uninspired. Not your typical expression of art.

What do you do?

I am  a visual artist who happens to play Tenor Saxophone

What are you doing at Fringe Missoula?

I am half of the duo of Steve and Dave. We are exploring the music of Strayham and Monk and others. I am playing the Tenor Saxophone and Dave’s plays the Djimba ( African Drum) We are  deconstructing the sounds of jazz standards with the aid of a concrete parking lot as the third member of the band.

Why do you do what you do?

We want to entertain and expose the audience to a unique sound and hopefully touch avisceral nerve .

Why should people see what you do?

For fun and entertainment and hopeful stir their imaginations.

What other performers/artists will you see at Missoula Fringe?

As many as I can….

What’s your favorite thing.

Things that surprise me and enlighten my senses.

Stray Hams

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  • August 15, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    Thanks for the interview. Thinking of changing the name of duo to The Stray Hams What do ya think?

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