Max Robertson speaks about his piece, Piece. Piece shows this Friday, August 16th, Under the Higgin’s street bridge (Caras side) @ 8:15.  See Event Here.

Why fringe?

We’re pretty fringe-y. I thought people would appreciate a really unusual musical act that would love to stumble upon something new.

What does fringe mean to you?

The edge

How would you describe the fringe festival to people who might be confused?

Ha! See my answer above. I think it’s a convention of strange people or something like that.

What do you do?

Play music.

What are you doing at Fringe Missoula.

Playing music.

Why do you do what you do?

I can’t stop. It’s the only thing I feel I can contribute.

Why should people see what you do?

Huh. Well. Maybe they’ll like it? Maybe they’ll want to participate? Maybe we can influence each other for the better? I think it might be entertaining too, but I don’t know if that matters.

What other performers/artists will you see at Missoula Fringe?

I’m really excited about 1 Minute Missoula, the Big Blue Dumpster

Piece, Piece Under Bridge