Fringe Festival Michelle-Risho-toasting

Michelle Risho is Creative Director for the very first Missoula Fringe Festival. Having been fringefied myself, I can attest that every sentence below should have multiple exclamation marks, and that would almost do justice in expressing the enthusiasm she exudes. It seems her baton twirling training in her youth has finally paid off.

Why the Fringe?

The Fringe Festival is a platform for artists to share their deepest most desired works.
A place to express what is inexpressible and for audiences to receive it.
A place for dialogue to begin and perhaps end.
A foundation of support and growth.
A safe haven for revolutions to root themselves in society.
The Fringe is a voice to the otherwise voiceless.

What does fringe mean to you?

The Fringe is a successful platform supporting performing arts which nurtures better living through the arts.

How would you describe the fringe festival to people who might be confused?

Total complete perfect anarchy at its finest.

What do you do?

Support the arts!

What are you doing at Fringe Missoula?

Parade headmaster!

Why should people see what you do?

It’s’ all encompassing and meaningful!

What other performers/artists will you see at Missoula Fringe?

Everything at the Crystal, the Stensrud, the alley between the Top Hat and the Rhino, Porchfest Missoula, 1-Minute Missoula Documentary, Piece, everything at the Loft, the DDC, and the Big Blue Dumpster, the fire spinners, the workshop, the installations, the guerrilla performances, the …

What’s your favorite thing.

Community!  Community is the foundation of a strong society.  Better living through the arts!

Jumping to the Head of The Parade! (!!!!!!)