djebe bara

Djebe Bara’s Djebe Jelly Bara Jam! I dare you to say that five times real fast.

7PM, Friday, August 16th @ The Crystal Theater.

Member Sarah McClain says:

Why fringe?  

Originally, the Fringe was started by some artists whose plays weren’t accepted into the Edinburgh Theater Festival because they were too much on the fringe of acceptable theater.  They then played on the fringe of the Theater Festival, guerrilla-style.   No?

What does fringe mean to you? 

In the 90s, my kids and I would visit my mother in Edmonton while the Fringe was on. We could see the busker’s acts from her apartment.  We’d go to plays, some of which started at midnight,  and hang around the buskers all day.  We saw some wonderful things that have stayed with us.

How would you describe the fringe festival to people who might be confused? 

It’s out-there, alternative, interactive, outrageous, risky, mixed-media, theater.

What do you do? 

We do drum, dance, and song of Africa and the African diaspora

What are you doing at Fringe Missoula.

Some of that.

Why do you do what you do?

Everyone in our group is addicted.

Why should people see what you do?

This music makes people feel good.  It is also the art of the other, yet it is the source of so much of our culture.
Next year, we will have an evening incorporating a play with drum, dance, and song.

What other performers/artists will you see at Missoula Fringe? 

Personally, I’m going to volunteer on Saturday.

Djebe Bara’s Djebe Jelly, Bara Jam

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