Kite 9d3 (2)

raised by trees kite 9d3 | 8/17 | 2:30 Alley between tophat and rhino | 8:30 monks bar

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Why fringe?

It’s the last place I’m not banned from. But seriously, where else can you find such an amazing amalgam of artistry in one place!?

What does fringe mean to you?

Fringe is like the grassroots cracking through the cultural concrete. I love the organic, “anything goes” nature of it. I’m stoked to experience so much diverse artwork as well as to share my own!

How would you describe the fringe festival to people who might be confused?

It’s an artistic buffet. A chance to see and hear creative expression in a HUGE variety of different forms. And since the proceeds of each show go directly to the artist(s), it’s also a great way to support the arts.

What do you do?

I write lyrics and music, I make beats, and I play several instruments.

What are you doing at Fringe Missoula?

Mostly showcasing my lyrics and beats. I’ll also play a few of my compositions, and maybe a couple of cover songs, on keyboard and guitar. The highlight of my set is when I play beats live on my drum machine while performing the lyrics at the same time.

Why do you do what you do?

I don’t feel it’s really up to me. My whole life has led me to it. But if it was up to me, I’d still choose to do it. It keeps me sane. It’s very fulfilling, and more fun than a cargo ship of crates of boxes of barrels of monkeys.

Why should people see what you do?

Because my lyrics are thought-provoking, breath-defying verbal acrobatics; my beats are groove-adelic musical menageries, saturated with vibrant tone and meditative rhythm; and my guitar and keyboard skills are functional. Because no one else does quite what I do. Because I’m paying my own way from Arizona just to get my art out there. And because it may be a long while before I can get back to Missoula to perform again.

What other performers/artists will you see at Missoula Fringe?

Definitely going to check out the “Tons of Fun Hip Hop Album Release Party,” “Missoula’s Homegrown Comedy,” “Surreal Portraits by Corey Johnson,” “77 Day Siege at Khe Sanh,” and as many other shows as I can!

What’s your favorite thing?

My favorite thing in the world is music. From listening, to playing an instrument, to sampling someone else’s playing and reshaping it, to writing lyrics to it, to making the mix sound as good as possible, every aspect of it is a joy.

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